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“I have an addictive personality. And I also have mental health issues. When you combine the two, you get a fatal dosage. I was dying on Instagram everyday.”

"The more and more I started to get comfortable with who I was, the more people I started to lose. They dwindled like old family members at Christmas time... Time passed, and I started to miss these people less and less. The memories I was holding on to were ones that began to seem almost fictionalized; a chapter in a book I had read so long ago. And yet, as they started dropping like flies, I questioned myself. What is wrong with me?"

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Photo by Taylor Martin

Photo by Taylor Martin

gretchen sterba is a writer/journalist and social media monitor hailing from the amazing city of Chicago now living in Brooklyn. she embodies the mantra “write what you know,” and hopes to share cultural and emotional narratives of different women from around the world through her blog. her work focuses on mental health, women in the media, body image, self-esteem, feminism and social change.

she graduated with a bachelor of arts in journalism and creative writing from columbia college chicago, where she interned at the chicago tribune, the illinois holocaust museum and education center and modern luxury. oh, and she also has a michael scott tattoo which she thinks you should know about.